Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Essentials

The new calendar year before us presents a lot of opportunities for growth and happiness! 365 (or 364!) lie before you and it's up to you to decide how to fill them. So where do you begin? Well, with the basics of course! 

#1 Underwear
You already know we love special somethings for every single day, so why not expand your wardrobe with some sweet essentials? You can never have too many...

#2 Every day Statement Jewelery
Keep the silver and the gold, but add some rare stones and some bright string bracelets! 

#3 Pizzaz (in every form!) 
Flip flops, why wear them in black when they can be black and gold? 

#4 Bright Nail Polish
Yes, we talk about nail polish often but then again who doesn't love the powers that a small little bottle can add to a monochrome outfit?

#5 Upgrade your Night Shirt!
We're thinking sweet somethings, pajamas that are an extension of lingerie, or even a beautiful, drapey modal tee to help you count even more zzz's each night!

Happy New Year Ladies! Let's start it right! 

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