Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Lencería true love story...

Inspired by love, an excitingly wild idea lit up her mind... she began an adventure - set out to breathe life into her romantic vision.

reunited love
Her love was leaving in the morning for Australia. And scrambling to bring all of the necessary elements together for the evenings social gathering, she excitedly shared her vision with us...

gift wrapping
We listened as she spoke of her desire to captivate him with a luring gift... of exquisite lingerie.

In three weeks time, they were to meet in Thailand. As a little precursor to their eminent reunion and (to build his anticipation and desire for her) she hoped to present a box to him to be opened upon the planes' melancholy departure. The box was an essential medium for her creative presentation and would ultimately be her deciding factor for her mission...  In her description, the box would reveal the following: a love note, fresh rose petals and beautiful lingerie (to entice and ignite the mysterious fantasy of their future rendezvous).

travel love
She was beautiful, excited and lovestruck; destined to find the perfect lingerie set to debut for her love.

ellipse lingerie
We gave her one of our favorite pieces to try on with her excellent selections of Ellipse lingerie... The lace magenta Ellipsé bralette with it's contour-flattering ribbon adorns the figure like a piece of art; exposing the skin powerfully, femininely and attractively. Undoubtedly, this elegant lingerie was made for her.

ellipse lingerie
ellipse lingerie
The flow of the evening continued to work in her favor as all the pieces of her vision came to life as we  gracefully wrapped her gift in a beautiful matching box... We were so grateful to have been a part of this true love story.

lencería boutique 
Inspired by love we can just fantasize and imagine how this sweet adventure will unfold... In the meantime, we're here at Lencería ready to assist in making your visions of beauty and fashion a reality.

lencería boutique

their wildflower stroll

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