Monday, September 17, 2012

Getaway Essentials

Everyone loves a short getaway!  Wake up early, drink your coffee and take a ride.  Anywhere.  My fiance and I have been doing this about twice a month since we moved to LA.  Usually, we end up in Venice Beach, Malibu or Silver Lake.

Yesterday, we ended up in a park near Pasadena where we learned how to pick and eat nightshade berries. They taste a bit like blueberries and tomatoes... perfect as a salad dressing... deadly if they are not completely ripe.  We also learned how to identify poison oak and that the beautiful white flower growing all over the park is called datura stramonium.  It is a powerful, potentially fatal hallucinogenic whose effects can last up to two weeks.  Oh, and we learned how to make beer.

After a great hike and a picnic, we decided to explore Old Town Pasadena.  Per usual, I did not do a great job packing so, I was less than "fresh" for the rest of my day.

In hindsight, this would have been an ideal way to prepare for the ride:

1.  a comfortable/beautiful dress like this one from Cia.Maritima would transfer easily from daytime at the park to nighttime in Pasadena ($98)
2.  the Uptown Girl necklace by Jules Smith ($65)
3.  our favorite Azzurra Capri sandals ($164)
4.  one of our new handmade Banago tote bags for the picnic portion of the day ($88)
5.  the Banago clutch can carry smaller items and transfer over to the nighttime ($42)
6.  an artistic beach towel by the LA based family business, Fresco Towels ($148)
7.  the straw SAHA hat to impress your dermatologist ($73) 
8.  our new favorite notebook by Banago to write down & draw all the plants you should and should not eat ($42)
9.  this hydrating and delicate Estivo sunblock with SPF 6 to get a tan while pretending to impress your dermatologist ($18)
10. the new and AMAZING kai fragrances deodorant ($24)
11. the kai perfume oil - its a "must" ($48)
12. kai body glow to spray all over and freshen up ($34)
13. spray the Laundress delicate spray on your clothing to freshen up and help remove odor ($10)
14. as always, keep a bottle of the Laundress stain solution handy to remove just about any stain without ruining your clothes ($8)

"Getaway Essentials" available at Lencería Boutique

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