Monday, January 20, 2014

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As most of you know, we've launched our website!

We will keep posting about the latest trends, our favorite brands, good recipes, etc directly on our site (  So, drop the loooong web address. Add our web link on your bookmarks column and keep reading!

We will continue our blog on our "Featured Posts" section

Here is a quick summary of what you can expect:
#1 Discount!
You heard us right, in order to welcome our loyal ladies and our newfound friends into the online shopping experience of Lenceria, we are offering a discount code for 10% off your purchase through today and Valentine's Day! Just enter LENCERIALA at checkout. And for our LA ladies, the code works just as well in store, so please show this blog post at checkout! And feel free to pass this discount code along to that special someone with some big hints for Valentine's Day gifting!
#2 Let's Break It Down!
Our website makes shopping your favorite brands even easier! Check out our "Designers A-Z tab to scroll through in alphabetical order labels such as "Agua Bendita" and "Loren Hope". Or, if you're in the mood for lingerie inspiration, head over one tab to the right to scroll through Bras and Panties tabs where you'll find a wonderful mix of the best labels all together! 
Scroll through our tabs to find the story of how Lenceria was born! (You'll never guess where!) Or venture on further down to check out our awesome Gift Guides for any occasion and our Sale selection! There's plenty to see and shop!
#3 New Arrivals
Be a part of our store daily, no matter where you are in the world! Now you can check out our new arrivals the moment we get them in! With extensive descriptions, fabric content composition and detailed sizing, you're sure to have an online "dressing room" experience like never before! And don't forget, help is always an e-mail away at, so don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to create a clothing partnership for life!  
#4 Bridal Headquarters
Whether you're the lucky lady to be or a doting bridesmaid, we have everything you could hope to wear and gift under our Brides tab. Check out our classic yet sexy lingerie for the wedding night, the honeymoon, and heck, for everyday! And don't miss our gift ideas, ranging from the Naughty and the Nice!
#5 Return Policy 
We want to create the best possible shopping experience for you and aim to make sure you're as happy as we are with the special items we sell! In order to make this possible, in the event that you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we want you to find something that does make your heart skip a beat! Unworn, and non-sale items may be returned within 15 days of the ship date. Please see more details at

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weekly Menu Updated

A break from our regularly scheduled material to bring you fresh, new recipes for 2014! 
Who says you have to completely overhaul your diet in January for diet food? How about instead making a resolution to discover new flavors in old standbys? Trust us, you'll never look at them the same again! 

Baby Kale and Steak Salad
 Savory steak, fiber and vitamin rich Kale! There's not much to love! 
Recipe here

Cedar Planked Salmon with Lemon and Dill
Salmon is about as healthy as you get, but eating it the same old way can certainly get a tad boring. Re-invent the way you cook your salmon and your taste buds will thank you! 
Recipe listed here

Pizza with Scamorza and shaved celery root
Who says pizza can't be healthy? And who says it always has to be with Marinara and Mozzarella? 
Find the recipe here

Chicken Corn Chowder
We love soups, they're filling and vitamin rich, but Chicken Noodle gets old quick. Thicken it with some corn and you've got a savory but healthy winner! 
See the recipe here

Chicken Fingers
They may taste like the ones you had as a kid, but they sure are healthier! Add in a side of vegetables and you've got the perfect meal! 
Recipe to be found here

All photo credit to the corresponding websites.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Week Ahead 1/13

Happy Monday ladies! Here's a few things on our mind for the upcoming week!

 #1 Film Screening
The third movie in the series will be airing on Monday in Santa Monica followed by a special Q&A with star and co-writer Julie Delpy! Tickets can be found here

#2 Summer, in January!
Looks like we won't be getting a taste of the east coast arctic freeze- temperatures are expected to rise as the week wears on, so time to pull out your summer linens and brights! 

#3 LA Art Show

An awesome chance to check out every kind of art imaginable at the LA Convention center!
More information can be found here

#4 Three Day Weekend

Martin Luther King Day is observed Monday, so you know what that means- time to pack the car for an impromptu holiday! 
Some great ideas can be found here

 #5 Inspiration... 

           Enjoy the week ahead! 

Stay tuned for some exciting new updates about Lenceria later this week!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Inspiration!

A brief departure from our normal postings to show off some of the fabulous new items in swimwear and lingerie from our featured (and favorite!) designers! 

Ellipse Nuit 

Tempestuous, dark and stormy to...
 Update basic black with violet...

An excuse to ditch the pantyhose for thigh-highs! 

Updated "sweet nothings" 

Tough Leather lingerie, works perfectly under the daintiest of lace...

 Steamy red deep v bra, for the lowest of necklines..
 For under that fitted dress, for steamy nights, or luxurious lounging... 

Make the view from behind as good as the front, even if the mirror is your only audience! 

Agua Bendita

...New brights, cheer and sunshine!

A spring trend and "must" each and every year-florals!
Bubble gum pink made anything but teenage... 

 The best way to work your tan and swim at the same time!

Mixing patterns, all together!

 A new take on the cover up... 

Sizzle in the bare minimum...

 Mixed whilst matched!

Showcase the view in this awesome one piece!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Week Ahead 1/6

It's nearly a week into the new year which means 51 weeks remain unwritten and ready to be explored! Here's a peek at what we're looking forward to this upcoming week.

#1 LA Weather

Sure, we may whinge when it's 80 degrees on Christmas, but when the rest of the country is -20, we'll smile and say, "Hey, it's 80 degrees in January!"

#2 Exercise Classes Galore

(Have you tried water spinning?!)

Forget diet resolutions and what not, make a change for the positive for the longterm! Classes at your local gym and studio have gone double time, with more instructors, more options, more times to guarantee that you find the one that's right for you so that you'll be more likely to stick with it!

#3 Sunset Strip

We couldn't think of a better location to be. Now that you've been to our store, check out the restaurants and clubs around us! Trust us, you've just found your new favorite 'neighborhood' in LA!

#4 Spring Fashions

January fashion magazines can be drab, as the fashions, but hello February and March and things start to get very cheery! 

#5 Inspirational Quotes

If the blank calendar ahead of you doesn't do it, then this will! Carpe diem ladies!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Essentials

The new calendar year before us presents a lot of opportunities for growth and happiness! 365 (or 364!) lie before you and it's up to you to decide how to fill them. So where do you begin? Well, with the basics of course! 

#1 Underwear
You already know we love special somethings for every single day, so why not expand your wardrobe with some sweet essentials? You can never have too many...

#2 Every day Statement Jewelery
Keep the silver and the gold, but add some rare stones and some bright string bracelets! 

#3 Pizzaz (in every form!) 
Flip flops, why wear them in black when they can be black and gold? 

#4 Bright Nail Polish
Yes, we talk about nail polish often but then again who doesn't love the powers that a small little bottle can add to a monochrome outfit?

#5 Upgrade your Night Shirt!
We're thinking sweet somethings, pajamas that are an extension of lingerie, or even a beautiful, drapey modal tee to help you count even more zzz's each night!

Happy New Year Ladies! Let's start it right! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Week Ahead 12/30

First Halloween's here, then Thanksgiving and then what...New Year's too? Where do the months of fall disappear to? We're not sure but what we do know is that we want to milk every last minute of the remaining forty-eight hours of 2013 and make them rock! How else can we help welcome the New Year in style?! 

Come the New Year, all you hear anyone talking about is resolutions, or a.k.a. the all too familiar list from the years prior of the things you'll observe for one week or so before abandoning them altogether. We ask, what's the point? Why not start the New Year on the right foot with good intentions that are actually fun to come by as well! Here's our list of 5 "Upgrades" for 2014! Let us know in the comments below what are yours!

#1 Give more than you get
We love shopping, how could we not? But sometimes, it's easy to forget how much better it feels to brighten someone else's day over ours? Smiles are contagious, so remember as you slip on that new AguaBendita slip and smile just how much joy it too can bring to someone else!

#2 Wear more "special" lingerie
That's right, because everyday is special! Why save the satin and lace for twice a year? Wear them everyday under that plain white tee and smile, knowing that you've got a secret that is only yours (or not!) to delight in! 

#3 Savor the little moments
Why wait for the weekend? Here in our store, we celebrate everyday! Celebrate mid-week by joining us in store on Wednesday evening's for our WinedownWednesdays for a glass of bubbly! Trust us, you won't regret it!

#4 Carpe diem-literally!
The New Year's all about fresh starts, right? So why not see it as an opportunity to make big things happen, to stretch your wings and take those risks you've been sitting for months! What are you waiting for?

#5 Time Out
And finally, a Lenceria girl can't be all action and no rest, so make sure to take out a few moments to relax and savor "me-time". It may sound hard at first to take five minutes to put down the phone and step back, but once you make it a habit everyday, you'll be thankful you did!

Happy New Year! We can't wait to see in store soon!